Is your workplace inherently stressful? 

Do all members of your organization feel connected, empowered and appreciated? 

When was the last time you were able to celebrate an achievement or milestone at your company?


Organizational Rhythms Has a Solution!

Dynamic, Rhythm-Based Events for Increased Productivity, Wellness and Morale.


We Specialize in High-Quality Programs for:


Teambuilding Programs

Rhythm-based, experiential activities like a facilitated drumcircle are wonderful tools for illustrating communication and cooperation as all participants are involved in the act of spontaneous musical creation. As musical parts become interdependent, participants connect with one another through the rhythm. A sense of teamwork emerges when the group learns to listen to each other; when the music gels together and ultimately when the group facilitates itself. This can be a powerful experience for a group to engage in as it is a fun learning activity with deep meaning and practical relevance.

Teambuilding Programs


Stress Relief programs

Stress is one of the biggest health issues facing our society and our modern workplaces. Group drumming offers a very powerful tool for combating the effects of cumulative stress. Research has shown that group drumming can lower levels of stress hormones in the blood like cortisol. Playing music 'in the moment' is a fun and engaging activity that naturally lends itself to joy and release - a perfect antidote to the stressful workplace. Organizational Rhythms offers the Stress Beaters! program as an intervention to combat cumulative workplace stress. Stress Beaters! uses rhythmical instruments as tools for channeling stress energies into beautiful and powerful music.

Wellness Programs


Celebration Programs

There is a need in the companies and organizations to recognize achievement, mark annual holidays and special dates and to celebrate the collective accomplishments of working teams. Organizational Rhythms offers the perfect tool to celebrate your team's success. Using a drum circle to channel your company's collective spirit into music is a wonderful way to commemorate and celebrate together.  The exciting sound of your company’s energy manifest through dynamic rhythmical music will leave a long-lasting memory while boosting morale and providing an antidote to PowerPoint overload. 

Celebration Programs